Tooth Disease

wisdom tooth pain
Wisdom tooth pain

Causes, Symptoms, Complications & When you should be worried.

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tooth decay
Tooth decay: Types, Complications & Prevention

caries is an infectious disease. It starts with a demineralization of the tooth surface and can lead to serious complications. There are different types of dental caries...

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bacteria of mouth
How oral health is linked to general diseases

Poor oral health can have unsuspected repercussions on the rest of our body. Many general diseases are related to our oral health status.

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Tooth dacay: History and treatment options

The appearance of tooth decay is a story that does not date from yesterday. The treatment of caries depends on its severity and location. There are 5 stages of caries evolution, for each stage, the therapeutic indication is different.

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gingivitis and periodontitis
Why is root decay so common and how to prevent it

The risk of having root caries increases with age. It is very common in adults for several reasons. Discover all about root caries and how to prevent it.

Cracked teeth
Cracked tooth after a root canal

A tooth with root canal treatment is more fragile and therefore more susceptible to fracture. The conservation or the extraction of the tooth depends on the severity of the fracture.