About Tooth Life

Tooth Life is an oral health project that aims to simplify and share information for all age groups.
By our articles, you will have the necessary knowledge so that you can know the risks which threaten your mouth and thus act at the same time.
The real reason for Tooth Life is that everyone has the right to enjoy good oral health, we want you to make the most of our articles and, don't forget, take care of your mouth for better oral and general health.

What we offer

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Who I am

I am a dental student and passionate about web development. I started this blog in 2019, at the beginning it was just for fun but after that it quickly became part of my life. The fact of creating this site taught me many things, including patience because blogging requires a lot of patience, it also helps me to practice and learn more about web development and finally sharing, publishing an article it takes a lot of effort, but once it's done, I feel a kind of satisfaction, because the more you share, whether it's money or information, the more you receive and the more you become satisfied.

Blogging is difficult, especially in an industry as competitive as this one, but I don't care, because I like what I do.
I hope you get the most out of this blog and don't forget to share with your friends and loved ones and subscribe 😄.

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